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Real Sex Doll TPE Dolls Silicone Sex Dolls- 125cm Kathy


Product Description

We do want to remind you that there are some things that your real sex doll should not participate in, and you should leave these activities to humans. If you take your doll outside, you will subject her to UV rays from the sun and dirt. Your real sex doll can go outside, but you need to make sure that she avoids too long of exposure to direct sunlight. You should also make sure that you clean her up immediately upon entering the house, which can be performed easily with soap and water. We recommend that you cover your real sex doll up when you are not using her so that you can protect her skin from dust. However, the biggest thing that should be avoided in your doll’s future are sharp objects which will damage your doll forever.

She is a lovely girl. If you take her home, please prepare the pink blue dress for her. She is very fond of pink and blue skirt, she has a wheat colored skin looks so healthy, dark hair can be draped over the shoulders, collocation’s delicate face, looks so cute.

Defaut specification:

Material: silicone
Weight: 20kg
Height: 125CM
Bust: 70cm
Waist: 53cm
Hips: 73CM
shoulder width 34m
Carton Size: 130cm * 35cm * 30cm
This dolls can vaginal sex / oral sex and anal sex.



For many years we have been fascinated by the innovative spirit of adult toy makers.  Our mission is bringing our erotic wonderland (best selection of Silicone Sex Dolls) to the rest of the world.

Our company operates solid silicone doll, material is made of safe and non-toxic medical silica gel (TPE).

1 The new silicone sex doll will have a slight taste, and ventilation for a few days.

2 The skeleton is a metal frame, can be fixed commonly used posture, do not recommend long-term standing.

3 The vagina can be heated, we will send the heating rod, but the heating rod is a gift, due to the use of improper gift caused by sex doll damage, does not belong to the seller’s responsibility.

4 We ship the product is brand new. When you receive the silicone doll, you must check the goods on the spot. At the time of inspection found quality problems, we are responsible for return. If there is no such problem, not to change.

5 The silica gel and TPE are very soft material. Please do not over-stretch the doll .

6 About the free gifts, you can choose not to gifts, the free gifts quality problems do not accept service.

7 The sex dolls are designed by the technical staff, we are only responsible for the sale, we can do is to describe the product as a true.

8 When you receive the goods if the package is damaged, please refuse to sign.

9 If you have any problem, after receiving the goods, please feel free to communicate with us. We will try to help you solve the problem until you are satisfied. Your satisfaction is our greatest encouragement.

10 Before use, please put some massage oil.When wash it, please use the water temperature 45 degrees centigrade.


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