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Real Sex Doll TPE Dolls Silicone Sex Dolls- 135cm Annabelle


Product Description

Once you have decided on the real sex doll that you’d like to purchase, trust that our product will be of the highest quality We also have fantastic customer service representatives that can answer any of your questions, and they are eager to help you navigate through your journey. We guarantee that your purchase will be discreetly delivered to your door. You can feel safe knowing that no neighbor will see your purchase, and feel confident when you choose a sex doll to buy from us.
Our dolls are easy to maintain which makes them even more fun to enjoy. Specially made for easy handling, we recommend that you clean your doll with mild soap and water. We understand what an important purchase this is for you, and want you to feel comfortable knowing just how easy the care is. We also offer advice and tips if something should ever happen to your doll. Our staff understands how much you value your sex dolls because we value them as well, and we want to help you take the best care of them possible.

She is a sexy woman. She has a devil of a hot body, a big wave head shaped golden curls a dazzling light, slim thigh between the intimate place let you unable to stop. Sexy silk stockings, but also shows her perfect body.

Defaut specification:

Material: Silicone
Height: 135cm
Weight: 26kg
Bust: 76cm
Waistline: 56cm
Hip: 77cm
Hand and a long:62cm
Thigh length: 80cm
arm length:36cm
vagina depth:17cm
anus depth:16cm
Foot length:19.5cm



For many years we have been fascinated by the innovative spirit of adult toy makers.  Our mission is bringing our erotic wonderland (best selection of Silicone Sex Dolls) to the rest of the world.

Our company operates solid silicone doll, material is made of safe and non-toxic medical silica gel (TPE).

1 The new silicone sex doll will have a slight taste, and ventilation for a few days.

2 The skeleton is a metal frame, can be fixed commonly used posture, do not recommend long-term standing.

3 The vagina can be heated, we will send the heating rod, but the heating rod is a gift, due to the use of improper gift caused by sex doll damage, does not belong to the seller’s responsibility.

4 We ship the product is brand new. When you receive the silicone doll, you must check the goods on the spot. At the time of inspection found quality problems, we are responsible for return. If there is no such problem, not to change.

5 The silica gel and TPE are very soft material. Please do not over-stretch the doll .

6 About the free gifts, you can choose not to gifts, the free gifts quality problems do not accept service.

7 The sex dolls are designed by the technical staff, we are only responsible for the sale, we can do is to describe the product as a true.

8 When you receive the goods if the package is damaged, please refuse to sign.

9 If you have any problem, after receiving the goods, please feel free to communicate with us. We will try to help you solve the problem until you are satisfied. Your satisfaction is our greatest encouragement.

10 Before use, please put some massage oil.When wash it, please use the water temperature 45 degrees centigrade.


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